Colorful Overview

This picture overlooks the part of PA. that I grew up in. My house is out in the distance in a low lying valley. Most of my relatives also grew up in this area. I pulled into my cousins driveway to snap this picture.. He lives here in a log cabin. Most of the pictures I post are close to home and usually within sixty miles. I enjoy taking photos of the simple things we are surrounded by everyday. I’m not a professional photographer by no means. But when you are surrounded by the beauty we are blessed with it doesn’t take a professional to capture it with a camera. And it’s with great pleasure that I can share it with everyone who visits my site. Thank you…..Ken G.


About kenssimpleview

I'm just a simple type of person who lives in west central Pennsylvania in an area known as the Laurel Highlands.
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One Response to Colorful Overview

  1. mickie626 says:

    Beautiful–I love all the colors. Lucky you, you are surrounded by beauty.

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