November Snow

A snowstorm we had one year in November.


About kenssimpleview

I'm just a simple type of person who lives in west central Pennsylvania in an area known as the Laurel Highlands.
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2 Responses to November Snow

  1. Pat Bailey says:

    Ken, oh how I want to rag on you for being so mean as to post a picture of snow. But a new snow fall is always so exciting – except maybe in April. 🙂 Thanks for reminding me why I’m heading south next week. My daughter lived in State College and they got a really big dump one year. I was looking at a picture of it a couple of days ago. Pennsylvania and Ohio have been getting more snow the past few years than Michigan. Crazy weather patterns.

  2. I’m not a snow person myself but when you live in Pa. it’s something you have to live with. And Michigan is the same way. This time of year is a good time to head south. Hope you have a nice trip. Send some warm weather up this way. Take care…..Ken

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